Pre-Trip Checklist
  • Check the visa requirements for your destination with the State Department
  • Understand the vaccinations and/or medications needed for your destinations, again the State Department can help
  • Assemble your itinerary in Excel or TripIt and share it with the relevant people
  • Put a travel notification on your credit and debit cards (two weeks before you travel)
  • Withdraw US$200 in cash to have on hand
  • Sign up for for the State Department’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) in case of an emergency in your destination
  • Make copies of credit and debit cards (both sides for the card numbers and contact numbers) as well as your passport. You can put the physical copies in your travel binder and/or upload them to a cloud-based storage space.
  • Build a list of people that you’d like to get souvenirs for. Gather addresses if you’d like to send postcards
  • Buy travel insurance
  • Determine what kind of camera gear you’d like to bring
  • Figure out your cell phone situation
  • Bring a paper clip or a kit to help switch out your SIM card
  • Sign up for Global Entry if you’d like
  • Arrange for an airport transfer
  • Pack properly!
  • Organize everything into a trusty travel binder!
    Post-Trip Advice
  • Tell everyone that you made it back safely!
  • Assemble and organize your photos. I recommend Google Photos and you can download its free photo editing software
  • Turn your photos into a physical album
  • Post your videos to Youtube to share
  • Create your playlist
  • Tell lots of fun stories about your trip!