Life Pro Tips for UK Festivals

Going to your first UK festival (Glastonbury, Bestival, etc)? Here are some life pro tips from a festival vet:

  • Bring the right gear!  Sensible footwear, like gumboots, and heavy-duty rain jackets.  CamelBak to stay hydrated.
  • Buy a cheap tent that you can leave behind. It will be a hot mess by the end of the festival.
  • Bring a large flag pole so that your crew can find you.
  • Bring a “festival phone.” First, this is a phone that has a long battery life so that you aren’t spending valuable time charging it (although battery packs can help with this problem nowadays).  Second, you won’t mind if it gets damaged, lost or stolen. The Nokia 3210 is a good one.
  • Bring ear plugs in case you are close to the stage, but mainly to be able to sleep (if you do try to sleep).
  • Go a day early to get a good space for your tent.

Did I miss anything?  Comment below: