Samba in Rio de Janeiro during Carnaval!

A week in Rio de Janeiro to celebrate Carnaval in February 2009.


  • Stay in Leblon. We stayed at the Hotel Ritz. It’s a beautiful hotel close to the beach, restaurants and bars.
  • Do the cablecar to Sugerloaf Mountain an hour before sunset and watch the sunset from the bar at the top, drinking caipirinhas
  • Sector 5 is the best value for money for seats in the Sambadromo

Must Do’s:

  • Hang glide
  • March with one of the schools in the Sambadromo

Do overs: 

  • Spend time in the neighborhoods of Santa Teresa & Lapa
  • Visit one of the nearby beach towns (Angra dois Reais or Buzios)
  • Explore more of Brazil!

Itinerary and Packing List:

Download the file here.

Recommended reading: 

  • The War of the End of the World