/inˈtrepəd/: fearless

/bjaˈxe.ɾa/: female traveler

The mission of intrepidviajera.com:  to help travelers create their own adventure

I took my first international trip when I was 16.  I spent six weeks in Japan with a host family. After conquering my homesickness, I was bitten by the travel bug and haven’t looked back. I’ve become a travel addict, exploring new places several times a year.

Over time, my trips have become more complicated and farther flung. However, I didn’t find travel guides that reflected my needs. I was/am constantly piecing things together from guide books, friends/family and the internet. And once I had an itinerary, I had to figure out on my own what I needed for the trip.

My goal for the website is to build a community that helps adventure travelers put their itineraries together quickly with quality recommendations from people who have been there.  In addition to my itineraries, which span seven continents, I’ll blog about my travel adventures.